Long Island eye doctor zoom in on eyeWhen it comes to our eyes, we can never get complacent. Just because you do not feel like there’s anything wrong with your eyesight does not mean it’s okay to skip seeing your local eye doctor. It is better to be sure that your eyes are functioning well than find out too late that you need to undergo optical treatments.

Eye care applies even to kids

Attention moms and dads: Children are no exception to eye exams. Even infants around 6 months should undergo tests, as recommended by the American Optometric Association. Should the tests say your child’s eyes are normal, continue on the regular check-ups still. This shall help prevent eye problems, and hence ensure that eyes are healthy.

Don’t worry. You need not add up check-up expenses every month. Observe 2-3 years gap between each eye exam after the initial one. You still have time to save funds and prepare as well your young one so they do not freak out at the sight of the doctor. Once they have become accustomed to seeing their doctor then you no longer need to argue with them during appointments.

How frequent should you see your eye doctor?

It depends on your eyes’ condition. If you have no eye problems then scheduling an eye exam with your doctor every 2 years is enough. The same applies to individuals aged 64 and below with normal eyes. The case is different if you are already using eye glasses, or are wearing contacts. An annual check-up is necessary. This is as well the case for those within ages 40-64 and are experiencing vision loss.

One indication that you need to go meet with your eye doctor the soonest possible is when you often suffer from headaches, or your vision gets blurry.

How is eye condition connected to health and age?

People may feel that their vision is deteriorating as they age.

For one, our lens ages too. And among the conditions that go with it is cataract. At birth, a person’s lenses are clear and pliable. They voluntarily adjust so the eyes can see clearly objects that are either too far or close. But as we age, our lens clouds up. The lens’ ability to focus lessens. It’s no longer surprising if you notice your grandparents have a hard time reading newspapers.

Meanwhile, health conditions such as diabetes affect vision too. This condition can trigger small blood vessels to leak, the macula to swell, and the eye to bleed. The advantage as well with undergoing eye exam is that the eye doctor may be able to tell right away if you do are diabetic, faster than your physician can. And it is essential that you are aware whether you are suffering from a particular condition as ignorance may lead to impaired vision.

Common conditions

  • Eye diseases. The danger with these eye diseases, glaucoma for instance, is that symptoms do not show up during early stages. Which means, the case may already have reached the critical phase before you know about it. An eye doctor can tell whether there are any signs you may be suffering from any eye condition. The earlier the advice, the better, so you can keep your eyes safe from permanent vision loss.
  • Refractive error. This is the common type of eye problem that is corrected by wearing contacts or eyeglasses. Consulting an eye doctor is crucial so you can determine your eye grade, and purchase appropriate vision correcting equipment.
  • Strabismus. You most likely have already met or bumped into someone with this condition. Strabismus is the condition wherein an individual suffers from turned or crossed eyes. Eyes are not working together so alignment is affected. Your eye doctor will be able to check whether your eyes are aligned.
  • Eye coordination problems. Apparently, there is more than meets the eye. Even when you do not notice any issues with alignment, your eyes still might have coordination problems. Signs include eye strain and headaches. When your eyes are not working well as a team, you will have difficulties doing basic activities such as reading.
  • Amblyopia. Your eyes could differ in condition. One might be healthy and the other may be in need of treatment. The brain shuts off images on blurry eyes. This condition is known as amblyopia. And failure to treat it right away may cause vision to be impaired permanently. We all know how hard it is to live in complete darkness. So postponing trips to eye clinics really aren’t worth the risk.

Close Up Of EyesHealthy eyes, productive hours

We cannot emphasize any further how important healthy eyes is.

We are largely dependent on our eyesight everyday of our lives – from simple errands to dealing with complex paper works in the office.The thing however is that we sometimes tend to abuse our eyes. Some are stuck in front of their computer screens right from the moment they roll out of bed to the time they hit the sacks at night. And it has become their lifestyle. not protecting our eyes in the sun light is another issue. be sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eye from harmful UV rays.

Poor vision affects performance efficiency. You do not want to postpone bonding moments with kids because your vision is blurred. You do not want to be dependent of someone’s aid just so you can carry out tasks.

Our eyes need rest as well. They are delicate organs that require regular check-ups to ensure they’re in good shape. So visit your Long Island eye doctor today. No more excuses. Put it on your priority list.